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Road Cart (Large Pony/Small Horse)
Looking for a road cart that will set you apart from the competition? Well, this handsome road cart will do just that ~ its natural blonde color combined with rich russet brown trim and metalwork set off by classic brass fittings catches everyone's attention.

This carriage is in perfect condition and lightly used. There are 3 adjustments for seat height, which allow you to find the perfect balance for driving. We've driven it to a 14.2-hand pony, but it will fit ponies and horses from 14 hand to 15 hands or slightly taller.

~ Track width: 58 inches
~ Wheel height: 46 inches
~ Ground to top of dash: 48 to 49 inches
~ Ground to top of rein rail: 52 to 53 inches
~ Ground to bottom of dash: 33 inches
~ Shaft length: 72 to 73 inches

Price: $1200
Email harvestmoonfarmpa@gmail.com or call Kelly at 267-228-1640 for additional information and pictures.

Sailor Wagon (Large Pony/Small Horse)

This lovely sailor wagon, built by Nickel Mine Coach, is in wonderful condition and the only one of its hard-to-find kind available for sale. Its two sets of shafts allow it to fit either large ponies or small horses. 

It has a "Brewster Green" body with cream pinstriping and cream upholstery. The upholstery is faded, but does not need replacement unless the new owner prefers to do so. It has brass fittings and a clever "trunk" in the back, which provides the perfect place to put your spares.

~ Track width of 138 cm (Advanced width for CDEs)
~ Front wheel height: 33 inches
~ Rear wheel height: 42 inches
~ Ground to seat: 46 inches
~ Ground to dash: 53 inches
~ Large pony shafts: Length, 76"; width, 23"
~ Horse shafts: Length, 78"; width, 27"

This carriage was put to the 2012 Devon Horse Show Reserve Single Pony Champion, with a first and two thirds (highest placed 4-wheel vehicle in evening turnout class, third to two Brewster gigs); and has received 9s and 10s for presentation at CDEs.


For additional pictures, click here; further inquires can be made by emailing harvestmoonfarmpa@gmail.com or calling Kelly at 267-228-1640.

Pony Park Gate Gig
This beautiful park gate gig is an antique reproduction of a Studebaker park gate gig and was built by Ernie Swartz, whose many fine carriages grace the show arena today. It is the perfect size for a pony in the 13- to 14-hand range, which unfortunately makes it too small for our current ponies.

It is in new condition with a dark blue body, black trim, red pinstriping, black patent leather dash, dark blue upholstery and carpet, and brass fittings. Lamps and brackets are not included. Measurements are as follows:
~ Wheel height: 43 inches
~ Single tree to shaft tips: 65 inches
~ Top of dash to ground: 52 inches
~ Shaft width: 20 inches

We've driven in this carriage once and it placed second in the 13-entry, Single Pony Two-Wheel Vehicle class at the 2011 Devon Horse Show Carriage Pleasure Marathon. It is incredibly well balanced and lighter than many other gigs its size.

For additional pictures, click here; further inquires can be made by emailing harvestmoonfarmpa@gmail.com or calling 267-228-1640 (Kelly's phone).

Road Cart for Large Pony or Small Horse

Sailor Wagon for Large Pony or Small Horse

Studebaker Reproduction Park Gate Gig

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