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The Critters

Here at Harvest Moon Farm...
Admiral ("Rally") is a 6-year-old, 14.2-hand bay roan Welsh pony/thoroughbred gelding by RosMel's Notorious (Welsh, section B) out of Bluezar (TB). He was bred by Kim Holderfield and is registered with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America (WPCSA) as "Ketadog Admiral." Rally came to Harvest Moon Farm in July 2008 as a 4-month-old weanling and is developing into a multitalented pony that enjoys dressage, show jumping, eventing, trail riding, driving and foxhunting. Our plan has always been to let Rally tell us when he's ready to try something new...and it's allowed him to become a pony who really loves his job(s) when he's not hamming it up in the barn! See Rally's most recent pictures at Rally: 2013 and Fall Lessons 2013.
Flying Dutchman ("Dutch") is an 18-year- old, 14-hand bay hackney cross pony gelding. He came to Harvest Moon Farm in January 2009 and became a wonderful pleasure driving and combined driving pony, with ribbons at the Devon Horse Show and Preliminary and Intermediate levels at CDEs. He put one of his best hooves forward at the 2012 Devon Horse Show, where he was Reserve Champion Single Pony (winning the Single Pony Scurry class) and then the winner of Saturday night's carriage racing later in the week. In January 2013, he won the Arena Carriage Racing Championship at the 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. Dutch's adventures are chronicled here: 2009, 2010, and 2011, Winter/Spring 2012, Spring/Summer 2012, Summer 2012, Devon Horse Show 2012, and Dutch: 2013

Captain My Ship ("Captain") is a 7-year- old, 14.2-hand buckskin Welsh pony/ thoroughbred gelding by *Wedderlie Mardi Gras (Welsh, section B) out of Fuelish Belle (TB). He was bred by Kim Holderfield and is registered as "Ketadog Captain My Ship." Captain is our most recent addition, joining us in April 2011. His is a special story--Kim heard about the devastating loss of Molly and let us know that she wanted to give Captain to us. She said she knew he would have a great home at Harvest Moon Farm. We are so grateful to Kim for her generosity! Captain had many wonderful experiences in 2012 and 2013, competing in pleasure driving and combined driving (CDE) competitions. Pictures of Captain can be viewed at: 2011, Autumn/Winter 2011, Winter/Spring 2012, Spring/Summer 2012, and Captain's First Show Season, and Captain: 2013.

Buster is a 7-year-old miniature Mediterranean donkey gelding. He was bred by Sandra Bainbridge (Chesterfield, NJ) and came to Harvest Moon Farm in September 2007 as a 4-month-old weanling. He quickly endeared himself to everyone--horse and human alike. He is a wonderful companion to all our horses and ponies, but he considers Rally his best friend. You can see pics of Buster's adventures here.

Homer is an "at least" 50-year-old standard donkey that joined us here at Harvest Moon Farm in October 2009 when he needed a good home and some donkey companionship (enter Buster). Homer has the loudest bray we've ever heard--you have to cover your ears if you're in the barn when he exercises his vocal cords. Buster is his BFF (best friend forever) but Homer also keeps Dutch and Captain company.

Off to New Homes...
Flower & Cheyenne  are 14- and 13-year-old miniature Mediterranean donkey jennies. They joined us at Harvest Moon Farm in May 2009. The "Girls" as we call them are inseparable and first found wonderful homes with Janice in Olney, Maryland, and Donna in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. They recently moved to Camp Onas, which is only 15 minutes from our farm. There, they are companions to 26-year-old Pepita, a fellow miniature donkey, and four-legged friends to the children who attend the camp.

Merlin is an 14-year-old Welsh pony (section B) gelding. He stands 13.2 hands tall and, like Rally, is a bay roan. Merlin was bred by Rebecca Sink & Lauren Burris (Bloomington, IN) and is registered with the WPCSA as "Outcrop's Merlin The Wizard." Merlin competed through the Intermediate level, placing 1st and 2nd at the Gladstone & Laurels International CDEs, and also competed at the Devon Horse Show, placing 1st or 2nd the past 3 years. Merlin now has a great new home with Mark & Marcy in Mt. Airy, Maryland. See Merlin's journey as a driving pony here.

Coco is a 19-year-old, 11.3-hand chestnut & white Shetland cross pony gelding. Coco was our very first driving pony; he & Aaron won ribbons at the Canadian Classic, Walnut Hill, and Devon horse shows and were awarded the silver medal in the North American Pleasure Driving Championship (2001). Coco also won numerous ribbons at CDEs, competing through the Preliminary level. He was featured as the "Wee Spotted Pony" in the book Further Adventures of the $700 Pony (Ellen Broadhurst) and is currently enjoying life with his new mom Kathy. Meet Coco here.

In Memory of...
Molly Brown (2006 - 2011)
"Molly" joined us here at the Harvest Moon Farm in February 2011. She was a 5-year-old, 12-hand Welsh pony cross mare. Molly loved her turnout buddies, Rally and Buster, and also loved being groomed and learning about driving. We were devastated when on Sunday, March 20, she dislocated and ruptured her stifle walking out to the paddock for turnout. A completely freak and unpreventable incident. Our wonderful veterinarians worked on her for 12 hours but the only thing we could do to end her suffering from the unrepairable and incredibly painful injury was to let her go in peace. We loved our "princess" so much; the heartache is physically painful. She was laid to rest next to Rocky in our back field under the trees. You can view pictures of our lovely girl here.

Sailor's Story (2004 - 2010)
"Sailor" was a 7-year-old, 13.2-hand bay Welsh pony gelding. He came to Harvest Moon Farm in March 2010. Originally known as Hip #386, Sailor was in the "kill pen" of a New Jersey auction--a day before he should have been headed to slaughter, he was instead on his way to his new home here at the farm. He reminded us very much of our beloved horse Traveler, and had a unique blaze and white eyelashes. However, he had some long-term issues he couldn't overcome and we had to put him down just a month later. A sad ending to this story, but we know, at least, that his last month was filled with love, kindness, and good care and companionship. See pictures of Sailor here.

A Southern Gentleman (1989 - 2009)
was 16.3-hand gray quarter horse gelding. Rocky was purchased by Kelly as a 7-year-old and they competed on the American Quarter Horse (AQHA) circuit from 1996 to 1998, earning an AQHA Performance Register of Merit and numerous all-around bronzes. In 1998 they started competing in the side saddle division at AHSA shows and won ribbons at the Washington International, Pennsylvania National, Devon, and Upperville horse shows. Kelly & Rocky also earned several year-end awards from the International Side Saddle Organization and placed 3rd in Horse of the Year (AHSA Zone 3). Rocky spent his last eight years enjoying a life of leisure, but his chronic heaves led to quality of life issues that forced us to say goodbye to him on December 3, 2009. He is buried in our back field, under the trees, and will always be with us at Harvest Moon Farm. Pictures of Rocky can be found here.

Traveler (1984 - 2007)
was a 16.2-hand bright bay thoroughbred gelding. He started out life as a race horse; after retirement from the track he was rescued at auction and made his way to New Jersey where he became Aaron's first horse. Aaron & Traveler evented through the Preliminary level, culminating in an 8th place finish in the Young Riders CCI* division at the 1998 Essex Horse Trials. 

Kelly & Traveler (pictures here) forged a new partnership in 2003; they had quite a few notable experiences including placing at the American Eventing Championships and GMHA Three-Day Event, and winning the Chronicle of the Horse Team Challenge (East Coast), along with team members Lizbeth Nauta & Elizabeth Hewitt. They were also awarded the 2005
Young Adult Coaching Scholarship from the United States Eventing Association, and moved up to the Preliminary level in 2006.

Sadly, an abscessed tooth, which later developed into a massive infection despite 2 surgeries, forced us to put Traveler down in April 2007. While we were devastated to lose him, we treasure the time spent with this wonderful, amazing horse. We donated his body to the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center in order to allow other people to learn from him and hopefully save the lives of other horses.

Traveler & Kelly

Admiral aka Rally 


Flying Dutchman aka Dutch

Captain My Ship aka Captain



Cheyenne & Flower



Molly Brown aka Molly

Sailor's Story aka Sailor

A Southern Gentleman aka Rocky

Traveler & Aaron

Traveler, Kelly, & Aaron

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