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First snow of the fall...November 2014
Rally, Aaron, & Kelly at 2014 Pine Tree CDE
Rally, Aaron, & Kelly at 2014 Garden State CDE
Teddy's first ride, compliments of Brooke
Dutch, Aaron, & Kelly at the 2014 Devon Horse Show
Captain, Aaron, & Kelly at 2014 Southern Pines CDE 
Rally, Aaron, & Kelly at 2013 Glen Willow CDE

Aaron & Captain at 2013 Glen Willow CDE
Paul, Markus, & Aaron at the 2013 Pony Worlds
The Devon Horse Show Pleasure Drive in 2013Rally & Kelly after a wonderful ride in Gladstone, NJDutch racing to a win at the 2013 PA Farm ShowBank barn repair in progressKelly & Rally foxhunting with Amwell Valley Hounds Rally showing scope over a small cross country fenceTrail riding around Harvest Moon Farm in 2012Captain looking lovely at 2012 Glen Willow CDEDutch at 2012 Gladstone Horse Driving Trials in JulyCaptain's first horse show at Bucks County Horse ParkRally taking it easy on stall rest2012 Devon Horse Show Carriage Pleasure DriveCarriage Racing at the 2012 Devon Horse ShowCaptain's finally driving! ~ Spring 2012Carriage Racing at the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show

 2014 in Review
This year has flown by, and we're well overdue for an update! Enjoy all the adventures of the Harvest Moon Farm ponies!

As always, one of our favorite winter activities is participating in carriage racing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, which takes place in Harrisburg every January. This year, Captain and Rally both attended--for the first time--and they were great! Rally won the carriage racing on Day 1, and Captain won it on Day 2, slightly edging Rally out for the overall win. The rest of the winter found us working around the horrible snow and ice to keep ponies in work...the ground was so bad we couldn't even sleigh. But we had the opportunity to make trips down to Southern Pines, North Carolina, for training, which gave us some brief reprieves from the frigid weather at home!

The weather lightened up enough in March so that Captain and Rally could attend the inaugural Morven Park Arena Driving Trials in Virginia. Rally won Best Preliminary Dressage with a score of 36, while Rally and Captain placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, overall! At the end of March, Captain went on to place 4th in Preliminary Single Pony at Windsor Trace CDE (Aiken, South Carolina), and in April, 5th in Intermediate Single Pony at Southern Pines CDE. And in May, one of our favorite shows--The Devon Horse Show--found us taking Captain in his first Devon carriage pleasure drive, where he placed 4th in the large Single Pony Two-Wheel class put to our black road cart. Dutch came out of retirement at 18 to bring home a 2nd and 3rd in the carriage racing on Friday night of Junior Weekend and Memorial Day Monday.

Captain finished up his spring season in early June, with a 2nd in Intermediate Single Pony and Intermediate Marathon Champion at Elk Creek CDE in Fair Hill, Maryland. At that point in time, we found out a good friend of ours was looking for her next pony and she and Captain were a perfect match! He'd proved himself a steady and fun pony as he matured this spring, and is now giving his new mom Susan, who is leasing him, one wonderful drive after another.

Rally and Kelly enjoyed early summer activities, including achieving High Score First Level test at a May dressage show at Bucks County Horse Park and participating in two Jim Wofford show jumping clinics in May and June. While a minor injury laid Rally up for a few weeks mid summer, he was back in form by August, again winning High Score First Level Test with Kelly at a BCHP dressage show, and also giving his newest rider--9-year-old Brooke Shaffer--her first show experience, where they earned a 68%!

Our newest pony at the farm joined us in early June: Ted E. Bear, or "Teddy," a 2-year-old Welsh cross gelding, came to spend the summer for training. Owned by Missie and Mary, he had a super yearling year in 2013, winning on the line, and now he was ready for preparation for riding and driving. Teddy is such a super star, and by summer's end, Brooke was lightly riding him and he was all but ready to drive. He's home for the winter and will join us again next spring to complete his riding and driving training, as well as find his perfect home!

Rally and Aaron finally stepped out together in September at their first CDE of the year, placing 3rd in Preliminary Single Pony and receiving Preliminary Marathon Champion at Garden State CDE in Stone Tavern, New Jersey! In October, they had the opportunity to drive with Thorsten Zarembowicz in Southern Pines and all of us spent a week training with Randy and Keady Cadwell prior to Pine Tree CDE, where Rally and Aaron won the Preliminary Single Pony division, wining both dressage, with a 44.5, and marathon. It was a great fall season for the Roany Pony as he continues his career in driving!

And now all the hay is put up, wood split and stored for winter, and blankets hanging in the barn as we settle in for winter here at the farm.

View pictures of each pony's driving adventures by clicking on the following names: Rally, Captain, and Dutch. Learn more about Teddy's summer with us, including pictures and videos, by visiting our For Sale page. Keep up with our latest activities on the farm by visiting its album (here) and by liking our Facebook page!

Summer ~ Autumn 2013
A Change of Pace
In early June, Captain competed at his first combined driving event (CDE) of the year, Elk Creek CDE in Fair Hill, Maryland. It was a great show, with Captain placing 2nd in Training Single Pony and receiving the Best Young Horse award. However, our pace changed when Kelly underwent a renal autotransplant in mid June, done by transplant surgeons at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Kelly's recovery would take a minimum of 3 months so, in this "down time" at the farm, Aaron began driving Rally to keep him fit until Kelly was back in the saddle. And we discovered that Rally was rather good at his new discipline.

As Kelly recovered, we ventured out to Rally's first driving show in August, where he was Champion Novice Horse/Pony. In September, Rally and Captain both competed at Glen Willow CDE in West Grove, Pennsylvania, with Rally placing 5th in Training Single Pony and Captain placing 2nd in Preliminary Single Pony, his first Preliminary level event. The boys then traveled to Southern Pines, North Carolina, in October to both compete in Preliminary Single Pony at Pine Tree CDE. Captain placed 3rd in the large division and won the Preliminary marathon overall. Rally competed "HC" ("no score" as only one pony's score could count toward final results) and if his score would have counted, he would have pushed his big brother Captain into 4th by placing 3rd! Pictures from Glen Willow and Pine Tree CDEs are here and here, respectively.

Amidst all this fun driving, Aaron received the invite to navigate for Paul Maye at the FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies in Pau, France, at the end of October. Aaron had a wonderful time overseas with Paul and his fabulous pony, Markus, while Kelly stayed home to care for the critters, navigate for Claire Glenn at Garden State CDE (New Jersey), and compete with Rally at First Level in a local dressage show. As this busy fall comes to an end, we look forward to preparing for next year's fun and enjoying the, hopefully, quiet winter months.


 Spring 2013

Three Ponies Are a Charm!
A rainy spring kept us damp and muddy, but the sun appeared for the weekends we were off with the ponies enjoying a variety of local horse events. Captain attended his first two shows of the season ~ Chapter One Farm's Arena Driving Trial and the Gladstone Horse Driving Trial, placing 2nd and 1st respectively! Rally and Kelly focused on getting back to jumping as well as working on a move up from Training to First Level dressage work. And finally, Dutch did a lovely job at the Devon Horse Show, with a 3rd and 6th in the large pleasure drive and turnout classes but an unfortunate turnover in the scurry. But we dusted ourselves off and said, "Better luck next year!" Click on each pony's name for pictures of his spring adventures: Captain, Dutch, & Rally.

Winter 2013
Construction, Sleighing, & Racing...
Usually I love how quiet winters are on the farm, but this year was anything but! Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our 1870 bank barn and surrounding outbuildings, resulting in many cold months of construction as the roof and most supporting beams were replaced as well as a lot of detail work accomplished. However, the winter months also brought about horse activities that only happen during that time of the year, including foxhunting, sleighing and, of course, carriage racing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show! Dutch was at the top of his game this year, winning the overall carriage racing championship ~ a first for him at that venue! View pictures of the barn barn renovations here; Dutch's 2013 album has plenty of pictures from the farm show.

What It's All About...
As you read through our news on this page and posts on Facebook, it's easy to figure out that we love the process of bringing Captain and Rally along. This year's reward has been the opportunity to not only show them, but take them out to different events and see our training come to fruition.

Captain finished up his show season by doing a nice schooling show in Spring Valley, Pennsylvania, and then his first CDE two weeks later in West Grove. At the schooling show, put on by My Lady's Manor Driving Club, he scored a fabulous 36 on his dressage test, had a clear cones go, and then schooled the obstacles/hazards with ease.

At the Glen Willow CDE--both his first CDE and recognized ADS driving event--he was exposed to show grounds with an incredible amount of atmosphere--big tents, flags, and lots of flowers, just to name a few things. And while he played the part of tourist quite well, he also put in a respectable dressage test, scoring a 57; a perfect marathon; and steady cones course, to finish third in Training Level Single Pony! We couldn't be more proud of him and he earned a well deserved vacation for the rest of the fall.

Rally, on the other hand, easily came back into work, happy to have a job again! Rally is a "groupie" and "adventurist," which means he's game for a lot of different experiences.

These ranged from his first dressage schooling shows--4 shows from August through November in which he earned 3 firsts and a second--to participating in the Bucks County Horse Park Pink Ribbon Ride (October), where Kelly and Rally joined Kelly's mom Kay, Daisy the dog, and fellow friends Jen Bateman and Gulliver to raise money for a local hospital program that benefits women with breast cancer. Rally and Gully looked great in their pink tack and accessories, but it was Kay and Daisy who won the Most Pinked Out Award!

In addition to the above, Rally started jumping this fall, schooling both show and cross country jumps and loving both. He spent a lot of time trail riding and this love of "out-of-the-ring" riding morphed into an invite to both his and Kelly's very first fox hunt (or fox chasing) with Amwell Valley Hounds (November), which easily achieved the title of "Most Fun Thing We Did All Year"!

July 2012
D is for Dressage
With Captain acting as Kelly's "alternate" for the summer, July found the two of them competing in additional dressage shows, garnering scores from 69% to 71%. However, the happiest moment of the summer was bringing Rally back into work at the end of July after a 2-month lay-up due to his kick injury and subsequent surgery! Kelly is continuing to ride Captain but also now working toward preparing Rally for his first dressage show in August or September, focusing on slow rehabilitation and strengthening through hacking and careful walk/trot work under saddle.

Gladstone Horse Driving Trials
We've spent more time at pleasure driving shows this year than CDEs so it was great to take Dutch to the Gladstone Horse Driving Trials in early July! Aaron and Dutch laid down a nice dressage test and cones round, ending up second in Intermediate Single Pony after the first day of competition. However, a course correction in an obstacle the following day relegated us to fourth. It was fun to see, though, that without the course correction, Dutch would have not only won the marathon for his division but also for the entire Intermediate level! Go Dutch! Pictures available here.

June 2012
The Busiest Month of the Year
June has, quite frankly, worn us out! After Devon, our attention turned to the young boys, Rally and Captain, but in completely different ways.

At the beginning of June, Rally sustained a pasture injury to the outside of his right hind leg that initially looked minor but quickly became serious due to significant tissue damage and bone irritation that festered under the skin. Despite immediately beginning antibiotics and antiinflammatories the day the injury was discovered, Rally needed surgery two weeks later to remove dead tissue and irritated bone. Thankfully, the wound is healing well, and our veterinarian expects a full recovery in 4 to 6 weeks. I don't think Rally misses working in this hot summer weather!

Captain, on the other hand, had a month full of firsts! He competed at his first two driving shows, Pleasure Driving in the Park and Susquehanna Valley Whips & Wheels Driving Show, in June, receiving a lovely assortment of ribbons and Reserve Champion Novice Horse/Pony at Pleasure Driving in the Park. He's come such a long way in the past year and it's hard to believe we were just hooking him for the first time in March. In addition to the driving shows, Kelly also took him to his first dressage show and had two great rides. Captain provides a wonderful way for Kelly to get saddle time while Rally is out of commission.

Finally, Aaron and friends baled hay after waiting out weeks of rainy weather, putting up close to 1400 bales of first-cutting hay. The ponies give it two hooves up! Pictures of Aaron baling hay last year can be viewed here while pictures from Captain's first shows are here
.May 2012
Our Week at Devon
Devon is always one of our favorite shows of the year and this year's show was no exception. One of the reasons we enjoy it so much is that both of our families join us--it's our family affair of the horse show year.

We showed Dutch put to our new Sailor Wagon on Sunday in the Carriage Pleasure Drive Single Pony Four-Wheel Vehicle class, placing third. And this year, for the first time, Devon offered two single pony classes on Monday evening--a turnout class and scurry. After our third on Sunday, we weren't quite sure how we would fair in the large classes Monday night, which combined two- and four-wheel vehicles. However, Dutch was fantastic, taking a third in the turnout (highest placed four-wheel vehicle) and first in the scurry, which earned him the Reserve Champion Single Pony title! Needless to say, we were absolutely ecstatic!

We finished up the week competing in the carriage racing on Friday and Saturday nights, placing second and first, respectively. So Dutch has earned his first Devon blues--we are so proud of him! To view pictures from Devon, click here; a video of one of our winning carriage racing rounds can be seen here.

January 2012
Getting Up to Speed
January is a quiet, wonderful month of the year...the craziness of the holidays is over and the winter weather has settled over the farm. The young boys--Rally and Captain--had a few weeks vacation, but Dutch headed to his first event of the year--the carriage racing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. The heated indoor barns, hallways, and arenas keep you out of the cold and most times, it's the first time we  see our carriage driving friends in the new year. This year, Dutch bettered his performances from last year, placing 2nd both days as well as 2nd overall! You can tell from the pictures (here) and video (here) that he loves his job!

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